Natural Crystal Deodorant Aloe Vera Rock stick aluminum free for men and women 70g.

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Grace Crystal Natural Deodorant Rock Aloe Vera extract stick for men and women (aluminium chloride aluminium free) 70g.

A 100% natural deodorant that works. Provide antibacterial properties which prevent odour causing bacteria from growing. As per all natural crystal deodorants it will reduce or eliminate bad odor. Totally natural easy to use for both men and women. It lasts for several months even with everyday use. Provides long lasting underarm protection against odor. Fights underarm bacteria to offer a refreshing feel to your armpit area. Does not clog pores  and lets skin breath while the aloe vera moistens and detoxifies the area. hypoallergenic

Easy to use just slightly moisten the top of the rock and apply generously to clean skin. For best results use daily and apply just after bathing or showering. 

After use : You should open the cap or rinse the cyrstal and let dry ready for your next use 24hr. 

100% Natural ingredients

No Aluminum/aluminium Chlorohydrate/chloride, Zirconium, parabens, phthalates

No experiments on Animals

        - 24 Hrs. protection. 

        - Help to whitening your armpit skin. 

        - Not stain clothing.Not sticky. 

        - Heal heels dry skin . 

        - Aloe Vera Extract help to keep the skin young as it moistens and detoxifies .   

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