I suffer from excessive sweating, do you have a solution or treatment?

  • 23 Feb 2021

Yes we do offer a solution to over-sweating excessive-sweating and hyperhidrosis. Our solution consists of an antiperspirant called odaban and it has been used and proven to work for both men and women suffering from this condition. It has no side effects and can be used from everyone who wants to reduce their sweat. First thing to take under consideration is that even though it is an antiperspirant which you can buy online or at shops, it shouldn’t be used as a common antiperspirant. This specific antiperspirant should be applied to dry unsaved skin (not recently shaved) at night before going to bed. This will help the antiperspirant to be absorbed by your skin and be effective. Please note you should allow a few minutes after application before wearing your shirt as you don’t want the shirt to absorb the antiperspirant. Also if you have excessive armpit hair please ensure that the antiperspirant made it to the surface of your skin. Just apply a small portion but make sure it covers the armpit area.

When used during the night the antiperspirant has the time to be absorbed as the pores are not secreting sweat and allow for proper absorption.

Next day you can even shower as the antiperspirant is absorbed by your skin and showering will not render it ineffective or reduce its results. 

If used correctly you should probably already notice the difference in sweating! If your sweat is already reduced to a large degree or you are not sweating at all then there is no need to re-apply the next day. Sweating will gradually come back to the previous levels as the days go by so it is up to the person using the antiperspirant to use it to the degree they need it. When sweating seems that it will become annoying or reach hyperhidrosis levels during the next day, then just an application before going to bed will relieve you from this next day annoyance. People have reported to use odaban antiperspirant from once up to three times per week.

Odaban is odorless as it only covers the over sweating aspect of hyperhidrosis. That means that the next day you can use a natural deodorant on the armpit area in order to feel fresh and have a great smell. Just remember no other antiperspirant is needed, odaban already has got you covered. Other than that if you still sweat but at a lower degree then by using the axilla dress shields-sweat pads then you become impervious  to your previously sweating problem and can continue to live your life stress free. 

Try now odaban antiperspirant and our sweat pads and feel free to let us know of the results! We are confident that we can help anyone suffering from hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating just by using these simple solutions!