Buy 4packs of Axilla shield dress shields/sweat pads and save BIG!

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Buy 4 packs of Axilla shield dress shields/sweat pads and save BIG! 

Sweat pads by AXILLA-shield are designed for both men and women. Each pack contains a supply of quality self-adhesive, disposable sweat pads (also known as Dress Shields) for your armpits and underarms dedicated to relieve your from sweat problems and excessive sweating. Easy to use they simply self-stick to the underarm of your dress, blouse, shirt, jacket or top.

They are fully absorbent at the point of contact and ensure no moisture, stains or odours reach your clothing whatsoever - saving you money on expensive dry-cleaning bills too!

AXILLA-shield are hypo-allergenic and contain no perfumes or chemicals. They're discreet, and no-one will ever guess you're wearing them. They're perfect for any occasion - your workplace, business meetings, interviews, presentations, weddings or a night out with friends. They're also great for theatre and dance groups, sporting activities and are an essential item for your holiday. 

With AXILLA-shield, the more you purchase the more you save - and the savings are considerable!

We've been trading since on, and sell to thousands worldwide. Our customers consistently rate our product as the best of it's kind on the market.

Find out why. Buy now, with the security you are purchasing the most effective pads available from the UK's most trusted brand! 

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