Why i sweat so much for no reason.

  • 20 Sep 2018

Sweat is the way your body tries to cool down itself. Perspiration forms a cool barrier between your skin and the outside usually high temperature in order to lower you high body temperature. Sweating at the gym is fine but what happens if you are sweating at another occasion such as when at work or going out to have a good time? Actually this is still fine as long as you are sweating at a normal rate in comparison to the people around you. A strange condition exists though which is named hyperhidrosis and it means that you are sweating far more than the average person. This can be a problem in many factors and the main one being lowering the quality of your life and above all your mentality. Unfortunately we are all embarrassed when being looked at when sweating a lot and a person that has hyperhidrosis tends to be even more embarrassed and sweat even more. 

Sweating can be caused by psychological factors or just your body not being calibrated properly.

 If you are alone and still have excessive sweating problems in normal or high temperatures this means that it is a problem that your body has and it is not related to psychological factors. This over sweating can be on your head, feet, hands or armpits. 

If you are only over sweating on social occasions or when you are with other people, on meetings, at work, at interviews or dates then that means that you are suffering from secondary hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

First action is consulting your dermatologist in order to determine the source of the problem. 

Our suggestion is using an antiperspirant such as odaban with which you can easily control your over sweating by using it a day before you believe that oversweating can occur. If you suffer from excessive sweating problems all the time then you can also control your condition by using an antiperspirant such as odaban by using it regularly always to the extend of your condition. Odaban will get you covered for several days after only one use so there is no need to keep using it daily.

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